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Right Medicine Pharmacy Students

Pharmacy Students


We are a progressive group of pharmacies in Scotland who have no plans to stop growing.
We have 27 branches across the whole of Scotland and can accommodate in most areas.

People joining us can enjoy a nurturing and supportive environment, we pride ourselves on developing and promoting from within.


Join us and you could progress as follows…

Saturday Student – Working in a branch every Saturday getting stuck in and seeing first hand what is to come.

Summer Student – Undertake a 4 or 8-week placement in a branch with a project and hands-on experience in order to prepare you for a future pre reg or EY role.

Pre Reg – We aim to recruit via the funded process, however we often recruit on a privately funded basis too in certain areas, you must have been on placement to be considered.

Early Years Pharmacist – A 12-month first year qualified placement, working in branches with a mixture of RP cover and also second pharmacist cover, with a mentor and training programme which has seen huge success and is not available in other pharmacies.


We always promote from within meaning more chance of an FT role

We are always looking for new talent so get in touch now and join the journey to a successful pharmacy career

Drop your CV and covering letter to

Claire Green joined the Early Year Programme in 2016 and is now a Pharmacy Manager in one of our Stirling branches.

What pharmacy experience do you have?
I worked in Boots Pharmacy as a summer placement in my 3rd year and continued on as a relief dispenser for the rest of that summer at University. I spent my pre-reg year in Larbert Pharmacy.

What do you like about working in the Pharmacy industry?
I love working with people, both within the pharmacy team and also with patients. I find the variety of patients and conditions very interesting. I also aspire and hope to make a difference to a patient’s journey and make it as easy for them as possible.
In particular I like working in Community Pharmacy as you get to see the patients regularly and build a rapport with them. This means they are able to give you feedback and also educate you on their individual conditions.

In the past year with Right Medicine Pharmacy, what has been your biggest learning experience?
My biggest learning experience this year has been the transition from a Relief Pharmacist to a Pharmacy Manager. I don’t think I expected it to be such a big change in my role.
I have had a very supportive team which has made a massive difference and I feel positive that I will soon be confident in my own ability as a manager. ​ I receive a lot of support from my mini tutor.

Would you recommend the Early Years Programme to new pharmacy graduates? If so, why?
I would definitely recommend the Early Years Programme. This is because I really enjoy working for Right Medicine pharmacy. I have found all of the staff members I have worked with very welcoming and helpful. I definitely feel as though the people I have worked with have encouraged me to excel and better myself as a pharmacist.

What do you think Right Medicine Pharmacy can offer you within your role?
I think RMP are very supportive and encouraging.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
I see myself in 5 years as a full time manager of a pharmacy close to my home

And finally…….Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I got my big toe chopped off by the front door slamming in the wind when I was a child. They sewed it back on so it’s fine. My mum said I didn’t cry.

Dean Jack joined the Early Year Programme in 2015. After spending time in one of our branches in the Highlands he is now Pharmacy Manager in our Kirkconnel branch.

How long have you worked for Right Medicine Pharmacy?
I have worked as a pharmacist for Right Medicine Pharmacy for over a year and a half now.

What positions have you held since joining the company?
I previously worked for the company for two years whilst studying at university as a trainee dispenser in the Hamilton branch. Since joining Right Medicine, I have worked as an Early Years relief pharmacist and also as acting manager in the lovely Kyle of Lochalsh in the Highlands. Since March 2017, I have been working in the busy Kirkconnel branch as pharmacy manager.

What do you like about working in the Pharmacy industry?
Working in community pharmacy has been a great experience. I get to work with some amazing members of staff who are credits to the company and themselves and I can say that has to be one of the best things about working in pharmacy.

I enjoy feeling like we are an integral part of the primary care system and that we can help patients get the most from their medication and help them with other aspects of their health for example through our smoking cessation service.

What do you think Right Medicine Pharmacy can offer you within your role?
I believe that Right Medicine can help develop my skills as a pharmacist and also as a manager. Head office are very supportive and really do try and do all they can to help, not just on a day-to-day basis, but in the long-term too. I hope that Right Medicine Pharmacy will support my ambition to become a pharmacist independent prescriber in line with ‘Prescription for Excellence’ as this could be useful in community pharmacy in the future.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
I’d quite like to have completed my prescribing course and hopefully putting it into practise. I would be very happy to still be working for Right Medicine in five years time and developing myself as a pharmacist.

And finally…….Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I don’t know if it’s interesting as such…but I have an irrational fear of Wotsits.

Hannah Thomson joined the company on the Early Years programme and within a few months secured a position of Pharmacy Manager in one of our Edinburgh based branches

What made you apply for the Early Years Programme?
The main reasons that I applied for the programme were that I was attracted by the extra training, support and developmental opportunities the role included such as the vaccine administration course, leadership course and mentor support.

Has it been as you expected?
Definitely! It has been a great way to start my career as a pharmacist and I feel this past year has given me a real headstart career wise.

Would you recommend the Early Years programme to new pharmacy graduates? If so, why?
Yes, I definitely would. I feel the programme really does give you an extra boost as a newly qualified pharmacist as I have had much more training and development opportunities than most of my friends from uni who are working within other community pharmacies. Walking into that pharmacy on your first day qualified is also really daunting so it was comforting knowing that by being involved in this programme that you’re never really alone and can always call someone for help and support.

In the past year with Right Medicine Pharmacy, what has been your biggest learning experience?
My biggest learning experience has probably been taking over as manager at Kings. It’s not been without it’s challenges but my time on EY relief prepared me well for this and the mentor support provided by the EY program also made my transition from relief to manager that bit less scary.

What do you think Right Medicine Pharmacy can offer you within your role?
I think they can offer a lot of help and support. It is nice to work for a company where you can literally speak to anyone within in the company and ask for advice, whether it be staff within the pharmacy, pharmacists at other stores or our superintendent pharmacists and owners; everyone is always happy to help out and provide guidance. I think there is also plenty opportunities for development and progression which I feel is important when starting out in your career.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?
I hope to be a pharmacist independent prescriber running my own clinic for patients.

And finally…….Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I have travelled the east coast of Australia in a campervan.

Nicole Anderson spent a summer placement with Right Medicine Pharmacy in 2016 and returned for another summer in 2017

How long did you spend with Right Medicine Pharmacy and which Health Board area did you cover?
9 weeks in the Highlands

What were your first impressions of the company working in the branch(es)

The company has patient-focused values and keeps up to date with the changes in pharmacy.

What duties did you carry out during your time in the branch?
Working on the front counter and helping customers with regular shopping and over the counter products, cleaning the store, putting orders away and querying anything if necessary, filling in the CD register, labeling prescriptions, dispensing, cleaning and date checking and making up dosette boxes.

What project work did you carry out in branch – please explain the outcome of this work?
Unfortunately, there was not a chance to do the projects as they were set out but I arranged for a coeliac patient to have their care transferred from their GP to the pharmacy for the gluten-free food service.
This will mean the patient doesn’t need to go to the GP for prescriptions but instead can come to the pharmacy when it is convenient for them and even email the request form. The patient will receive an initial and annual health checks.

What did your learn during your time with the branches?
I was not confident or very comfortable dispensing or recommending over the counter products to patients. I let the teams know this and they helped me to work on these skills.
I was fortunate to be working when there was a new start, someone becoming a qualified dispenser and another person a qualified accuracy technician which helped me learn a lot more about each role in the pharmacy team.

Would you recommend Right Medicine Pharmacy as a good place to carry out at placement? Please give your reasons why?
I definitely would. The people I worked with are a fantastic help and support, and this includes the staff behind the scenes at the head office. The summer placement is structured to cover the aspects of pharmacy and the services pharmacies can offer.